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Terms and Conditions

The Capsule Hotel Terms and Conditions


  1. Check In – Guests must provide a valid identification document with photo and date of birth, suggested passport or driving license, and a valid card to perform a pre-authorisation upon check in. The full payment is also required when check in.

  2. Check Out – Check out is before 10:00am. Guests must also return the key card and towel or will be subjected to an extra charge $20 to the credit card provided remotely after check out.

  3. Late Check Out – If guests do not check out on time, the Capsule Hotel reserves the right to charge for another night of stay or a minimum charge of AUD 20 to the credit card provided remotely after 10:00am on the date of check out.

  4. Payment – There will be a 1.9% surcharge for all debit / credit card payment.

  5. Assigned Capsule – Guests can only stay in the assigned capsule and all capsules can only allow one person to stay.

  6. Visitor – Visitors can only stay in common area on level 3, and the Capsule Hotel reserves the right to request any visitor to show their identification document or evict any visitors from the Capsule Hotel.

  7. Smoking – No smoking inside the hotel and not permitted in the whole building.– fines of $2000.00 apply. Each Capsule is fitted with a Smoke detector for your safety. They are extremely sensitive. Fees of $2000 apply if the detector is set off in your Capsule. We appreciate your understanding.

  8. Personal Property – Guests may leave their luggage in the assigned locker/ capsule / safe / storage room before check in or after check out. However, The Capsule Hotel is not responsible for any damaged or stolen items.

  9. The Capsule Hotel Property – Guests will be subjected to reimburse the Capsule Hotel for any damages caused by inappropriate behaviour during their stay at the Capsule Hotel.

  10. Key Card – There is no deposit for key card but there will be AUD 20 charge for any card damage or lost. If key card is not returned when check out, guests will be subjected to an extra charge to the credit card provided.  

  11. Discretion – All bookings are subjected to availability and the Capsule Hotel reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion.

  12. Inspection of Capsule – The Capsule Hotel reserves the right to inspect any capsule / locker / safe with valid reasons after guests checked in.

  13. Eviction Policy – The Capsule Hotel reserves the right to evict any guest, visitor or member of the public at any time for any anti-social behaviour, including but not limited to: Possession or usage of illegal drugs; Throwing objects out the hotel windows; Spitting out the windows; Wilful damage to hotel and/or guest property; Applying graffiti; Theft of any property; Sexual harassment; Loud and rowdy noise on the accommodation floors, rooms and rooftop; Physical or verbal assault or abuse of the hotel staff, other guests, customers or members of the public on hotel premises; Any behavior deemed as a potential safety threat to others; Any breach of the Party & Alcohol Consumption Policy; Any incident for which the police are required to attend; Smoking in any part of the premises; Intentional damage to, or interference with, fire services equipment which may also lead to civil and criminal prosecution; and Reckless conduct causing alarm or the Fire Brigade to attend the property shall incur a $2,000.00 fee.

  14. Consequences of Eviction – No refund will be given to guests and guests as well as any associated person will be blacklisted and banned from entering The Capsule Hotel.

  15. 48-Hours Cancellation Policy – A 48-hours notification must be given for any refundable modification or cancellation of reservation. Guests must contact the 3rd booking party for any changes to a reservation made with them. For direct booking (walk-in / phone / the Capsule Hotel website), guests must send an email to for any changes.

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